"People were mobilized, Shaheen Bagh was not an organic protest site": SPP Amit Prasad tells Delhi High Court

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Umar Khalid has challenged the lower court's order rejecting his bail application before the Delhi High Court on ground that there is no evidence linking him to the violence that erupted in Delhi during the riots. 

Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad on Tuesday informed the Delhi High Court that the WhatsApp group chats show that the Shaheen Bagh was not an organic protest site, it was a created protest site, and the people were mobilized. SPP Prasad was arguing during the hearing in the bail plea of Umar Khalid in the larger conspiracy of the Delhi Riots.

A division bench of Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Rajnish Bhatnagar was informed that a meeting was called in Delhi to plan and coordinate protest in Delhi, whereas only a certain number of people were part of this WhatsApp group which showed how secretive they were in planning.

SPP Prasad submitted that people were transported to the protest sites. "Whatever was happening in Shaheen Bagh was updated on the group and they immediately responds. It shows that they were hands-on with what's happening," SPP Prasad added.

SPP Prasad further submitted that they were taking stalk of every movement, they were informed that children have been released on the undertaking of the guardians that they'll not get involved in the protest.

"The purpose of putting everything in the group was to mobilize more and more people. Every time some police action is done, lawyers are sent immediately for their release," SPP Prasad argued.

Reading a message from the group, SPP Prasad said, "There is an immediate requirement of Speaker at the Chand Bagh protest site." SPP Prasad indicated that performers and speakers were sent to the protest site to perform so that they could hold the people at the protest site.

Showing coordination of the protest, SPP Prasad argued that every member knew in real time what was happening in Delhi and every one of them was updating in real-time.

After hearing the arguments of SPP Prasad till 4:00 PM, the bench said that it will continue hearing the arguments at 2:15 PM on August 25, 2022.

On September 13, 2020 Khalid was arrested in connection with communal clashes that broke out in northeast Delhi in February 2020, after violence between Citizenship (Amendment) Act supporters and its protesters became out of control leaving many people dead and several injured.

Khalid was granted bail in April 2021 in another case but has been behind bars in Tihar Jail over conspiracy charges under UAPA. 

Cause Title:- Umar Khalid Vs. State of NCT Delhi