Breaking: Supreme Court grants interim bail to Congress leader Pawan Khera in FIRs filed over his statement against PM Narendra Modi

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The Supreme Court as an interim relief has directed Delhi Court to allow bail to Congress Leader Pawan Khera till the next date of hearing.

The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the Delhi Court to grant interim bail to Congress Leader Pawan Khera in FIRs filed against him over his alleged statements at a Press Conference against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A bench led by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud led bench took up the matter today after his arrest from the Delhi Airport in the morning.

The matter was first mentioned by Senior Advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi seeking consolidation of FIRs filed against the Congress leader over his alleged statements against the Prime Minister. Khera was deboarded from the plane and arrested Today. Singhvi said that he made some statements that he should not have made. "We are seeking consolidation of FIRs," Singhvi added.

Singhvi said, "Several FIRs are being filed across the country. He made some remarks against the Prime Minister, I don't approve of his statements but he was taken away by Assam Police at the Delhi Airport".

Singhvi argued that "It was an unfortunate statement by Pawan Khera. If one has crossed the boundaries, this cannot be the reaction. The very day he said that it was a mistake. He did a play of words."

Additionally, seeking interim protection, Singhvi argued: "He said it was a mistake, a slip of tongue. Your Lordships can protect him from coercive actions."

Whereas, ASG Aishwarya Bhati said, "I'm here to inform you that he was arrested, he is being taken for medical and he'll be presented before Court." 

The video wherein Pawan Khera made a statement against the Prime Minister was played in the open court after ASG Bhati said, "Your Lordships will have to go through the Video. If it was a mistake. It was deliberate,"

In opposition to the above, Singhvi said, "This is not how we play in the Court. This is deliberate harassment. He apologized". ASG Bhati then contended, "He (Narendra Modi) is the elected Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the World."

ASG Bhati also showed the facial expression of Pawan Khera while he made the statement. "He is smiling," ASG Bhati pointed out.

It may be noted that Khera was arrested today morning by the Assam Police over his alleged statement made against the Prime Minister at a Press Conference in Mumbai on February 17.