Punjab and Haryana HC uses ChatGPT while deciding bail plea in murder case

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Court was hearing a bail plea filed by a man accused of brutally assaulting an individual with a sharp weapon that resulted in his death. 

While deciding a bail application in a murder case, the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Monday used artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT to get an answer on jurisprudence on bail when the assailants assault with cruelty.

Justice Anoop Chitkara used ChatGPT to assess the worldwide view on bail when the assault is laced with cruelty. He asked the AI tool to answer the following question: 

What is the jurisprudence on bail when the assailants assaulted with cruelty?

To this, ChatGPT presented a three-paragraphed answer deriving a broader picture of bail jurisprudence in such matters. The answer of the AI tool discussed the circumstances under which the assailants who have assaulted with cruelty may be granted bail. "...even in cases where the assailants have assaulted with cruelty, they may still be granted bail if the judge determines that they do not pose a risk to the community or a flight risk," the answer of ChatGPT read.

While taking the Response of ChatGPT into consideration, Justice Chitkara, however, clarified that any reference to ChatGPT and any observation made was not an expression of opinion on the merits of the case. Court also asked the trial Court to not advert to the comments pertaining to ChatGPT's response.

"This reference is only intended to present a broader picture on bail jurisprudence, where cruelty is a factor," Justice Chitkara stressed. 

Regarding the present bail plea, Justice Chitkara highlighted that the applicant had a criminal history of two attempt to murder cases and he was specifically named in the FIR concerned in the present case. 

"The complainant attributed some daat blows received by him to the petitioner. He also stated in the FIR that the petitioner and his accomplices attacked the deceased and inflicted serious injury on his head. After arrest, during interrogation, the police recovered the daat from the petitioner. Cumulatively, these facts succinctly point to petitioner’s involvement in achieving the common object of killing the deceased for which he has been arraigned as an accused in the FIR," the judge pointed out. 

Therefore, while opining that the material on record prima facie pointed towards the bail applicant's involvement in the present matter, court refused to grant bail and dismissed the plea. 

The high court was dealing with a bail application filed by one Jaswinder Singh @ Jassi accused in an attempt-to-murder case wherein he along with some accomplices had brutally assaulted an individual which later culminated in his death.

Case Title: Jaswinder Singh @ Jassi versus State of Punjab and another