Calcutta High Court Grants Conditional Permission for Ram Navami Processions in 'Sensitive' Howrah

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Last year, violence had occurred at Howrah and Dalkhola on 30th March, 2023 on the occasion of Ram Navami

The Calcutta High Court on Monday, April 15 granted permission to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Anjani Putra Sena to conduct Ram Navami processions in West Bengal's Howrah, subject to specified conditions.

The single judge bench of Justice Jay Sengupta said that the Ram Navami processions in Howrah, West Bengal, must not surpass 200 attendees. The exhibition of any weaponry during the processions is barred, and only one vehicle transporting the idol of Lord Ram is permissible per procession, the judge ordered. 

Additionally, the use of inflammatory chants and disc jockeys is strictly prohibited during these events, Justice Sengupta held. 

The court has directed the two organizers to schedule their rallies on different days. The VHP is slated to conduct its procession on April 17, whereas the Anjani Putra Sena has been instructed to arrange the Ram Navami procession on April 21.

Due to concerns about potential violence similar to that of the previous year, the police had previously requested the organizers to alter the route of this year's procession.

Notably, the state has witnessed several communal incidents during Ram Navami events over the past few years. Last year, instances of violence were reported in Hooghly and Howrah districts as well.