SC reserves judgment on pleas seeking independent selection panel for appointments of Chief Election Commissioner & Election Commissioners.

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The Petitioner told court today, that the Central Government has not appointed anyone who gets the prescribed 6 years tenure as the Election Commissioner, which in turn affects the independence of the institution.


The Supreme Court today reserved its judgment on petitions seeking an independent selection panel for appointments of the Chief Election Commissioner & Election Commissioners.

Court further asked the Centre as to why the appointment of Arun Goel as Election Commissioner was cleared in "haste".

This question was asked today in court after the top court had yesterday asked the Centre to submit the files related to the recent appointment of Goel, a former bureaucrat, as the Election Commissioner on November 19.

Today, Justice Km Joseph questioned the Attorney General as to how an Election Commissioner was appointed out of such a vast reservoir of names.

"How do you shortlist just 4 names?I want to know how did Law Minister select these 4 names. Justice Rastogi: How did the ministry filter them down? ”, court asked further.

To this, AG R Venkataramani said, "If we want to suggest that the executive is playing with it because it wants to - answer is an emphatic NO!"

Justice Joseph further asked as to why the Centre was not choosing people as CEC who would have full 6-year terms.

"There are various aspects - Batch, DOB, seniority. The practice of appointment has been followed for a long time and to say that the CEC is being picked according to will would incorrect and difficult...", the AG said in response.

Court then said that Centre was picking those people who don't finish 6 years tenure. "Carefully choosing such persons. That is a violation of statute..", Justice Joseph observed.

Case Title: Anoop Baranwal vs. Union of India