Allahabad High Court Grants Relief to Amity University Student, Permits To Appear In Supplementary Exam Amid Attendance Discrepancy

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Amid attendance dispute, court allowed an MBA student from Amity University to take the supplementary exam, safeguarding her six months, with result declaration pending court permission

During a special hearing amid the Diwali holidays, the Allahabad High Court granted permission on Wednesday (November 15) to a management student with attendance shortages, allowing her to participate in the supplementary examination scheduled for Thursday (November 16) at Amity University.

The case was brought before the bench of Chief Justice Pritinker Diwaker after an urgent plea was made to the Registry to address the matter on Wednesday. Consequently, the Chief Justice conducted the hearing at his residence at 3:30 pm.

In her writ plea, the petitioner-student, Sanya Yadav, raised concerns about her attendance in the Marketing Management classes of the MBA (Media Management) course at Amity University. Despite attending all classes, a technical glitch in the portal incorrectly reflected inadequate attendance, preventing her from appearing in the supplementary examination scheduled for November 16 at 2:00 pm.

The petitioner argued strongly before the Chief Justice's bench that being denied the opportunity to take the examination would result in a loss of six valuable months. It was further proposed that she be allowed to participate in the supplementary examination, contingent on the outcome of the writ petition. In the event of the petitioner's failure, she committed to paying a substantial cost to the University.

In response, the counsel representing Amity University contended that issuing an admission card at such a late stage was not feasible.

After hearing arguments from both parties, reviewing the records, and considering the case's facts and circumstances, the court acknowledged the significance of each examination for the student. Consequently, the bench directed that the petitioner be allowed to take the supplementary examination. However, court specified that her results should not be declared without prior permission, and if the petitioner's statements were found to be inaccurate, she might be liable to pay a substantial cost to the University.

In light of this decision, court instructed that the matter be listed afresh on December 14, 2023, before the appropriate bench.

Case Title: Sanya Yadav vs. State Of Uttar Pradesh And 2 Others