Calcutta High Court orders hostel room locks to be broken at Viswa Bharati University

  • Gargi Chaterjee
  • 02:10 PM, 09 Mar 2022

The Calcutta High Court has ordered for the breaking of hostel locks by University authorities at Viswa Bharati. 

The bench of Justice Rajasekhar Mantha was hearing the matter of ongoing student protests at Viswa Bharati University.

The students were protesting regarding the non-opening of hostel rooms, which have allegedly been locked by the senior students with their belongings inside. 

The University had approached the Court alleging that the protests are disturbing the management of the University and that staff is being gheraoed.

In a previous hearing, Justice Mantha had directed students not to obstruct the management. The Court had also asked the SP Shantiniketan to be present before Court. 

On Tuesday, it was submitted that the restrained Registrar and other officials have been freed and the University has been offered every necessary assistance in ensuring that the administration is able to function.

The Court was also informed that outsiders are entering the premises for which two particular gates of the University are manned by their own security staff, who verify identity cards before letting people inside the campus.

The Court had directed the Officer-in-Charge, Shantiniketan Police Station, to render all necessary assistance to the administration, in the event of any further obstruction. 

Regarding the issue of hostel rooms, Justice Mantha ordered the rooms to be opened by breaking locks and to accomodate junior students whose examinations are coming up. 

Cause Title: Visva Bharati and Anr. vs State of West Bengal and Ors.