Delhi Court allows Sukesh Chandrashekhar to watch TV and play games in jail

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Chandrashekhar has alleged that he has been transferred from Jail No. 14 to Jail No. 13 where heinous crime offenders are lodged and he is being kept with transgender, which is illegal.

A Delhi Court recently allowed Sukesh Chandrashekhar to watch television and play games inside the jail after he complained about the harassment he is facing inside the jail.

Additional Sessions Judge Shailender Malik said, "facilities like watching TV, playing, etc. should be equally provided to each and every accused without any exception including to accused Sukesh Chandrashekhar."

The order was passed after a complaint had been moved by Chandrashekhar alleging that he has been transferred from Central Jail No.14 Mandoli to Central Jail No.13 Mandoli following his complaint against prison staff.

Chandrashekhar alleged that now in Jail No.13 where he has been lodged is overcrowded with over 1500 inmates, and the inmates lodged in that jail are involved in very heinous offences. It was further stated that one transgender has also been lodged in the same cell in which he has been lodged.

Advocate Anant Malik appearing for Chandrashekhar submitted that "this court has ordered for carrying out the inquiry however instead of inquiring about the conduct of those officials from Jail No.14, the accused has been transferred from Jail No.14 to Jail No.13."

Noting the above, the bench observed that such conduct certainly raised doubt and therefore needed to be noted down.

Additionally, the court also said, "When jail inmate has raised certain complaints which are already pending before Senior jail authorities, in that sense it is all the more necessary for jail authorities to take note of any threat, intimidation, unidentified environment/behavior from jail authorities to this accused."

In view of the above, the court directed Director General (Prison) to take into consideration and take appropriate efforts to ensure that there is no threat, intimidation or undignified behaviour with the accused concerned.

Case Title: State Vs. Sukesh Chandra Shekhar & Ors.