Soaring Tomato prices in Tamil Nadu: Madras High Court will hear case to tackle shortage tomorrow

  • Sanya Talwar
  • 12:31 PM, 28 Nov 2021

The Madras High Court is expected to hear a case which has sought easier access to tomatoes in the state on account of its soaring prices tomorrow.

A bench of Justice R. Suresh Kumar will hear the case by a petitioner who has urged the Court to explore the possibility of giving a direction to the Chennai Municipal Development Authority and the wholesale market committee to allot the vacant land as "Tomato unloading ground", and to restore it for the same purpose at least for the time being as a special arrangement.

Mr. K.Shivakumar, learned counsel appearing for the petitioner had pointed out last week that due to the "special circumstances", tomato production has considerably reduced in the State due to heavy rains, as a result of which the price of tomato has risen to manifold. The result of this is that the people are struggling to make both ends meet, insofar as the price index of the vegetables, particularly tomato is concerned.

Therefore, unless the vegetables like tomato is brought from various other States in bulk quantity for the domestic use at this State, especially in Chennai area being the largest metropolitan city in the State, the present crisis of soaring prices of tomato cannot be brought down amicably, the petitioner has contended.

The Wholesale market committee as well as the CMDA will reply to the said aspects in writing on Monday.