[Suit for Restoration of Ancient Hindu Temple] Varanasi Civil Court allows ASI survey of Gyanvapi mosque adjacent to Kashi Vishwanath Temple

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Civil judge Senior Division, Varanasi Civil Court allows ASI survey of Gyanvapi mosque adjacent to Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Government to bear the expenses.

Direction has further been issued to constitute a commission for survey.

The plea by the devotees and worshippers as next friend of the plaintiff deities, avers, “Asthan Lord Adi Visheshwar, Jyotirlinga” was damaged in 1669 under the orders of Mughal Ruler Aurangzeb but “Maa Shringar Gauri, Lord Ganesh and other subsidiary deities” continued to exist within the ancient temple, which is claimed by Muslims to be part of the “Gyanvapi Mosque”.

The instant suit is filed for restoration of Darshan and performance of rituals at the principle seat of Asthan of Lord Adi Visheshwar and of Goddess Maa Shringar Gauri, the Ardhangni and devotee of Lord Adi Visheshwar along with Lord Ganesh, Nandiji and other deities within the precincts of temple complex known as “Ancient Temple” existing at Settlement Plot No.9130.

The petitioner precisely submits that the present suit seeking declaration and perpetual injunction against the defendants, so to perform religious prayers and practice fall within the ambit of Article 25, Constitution of India. The devotee plaintiffs are worshipper of Lord Shiva and they practice, profess and propagate Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma and are competent to bring this suit in the interest of deities and for the benefit of other devotees.

Prayer has been sought to;

(1) Declare the Right of worshippers and devotees to have Darshan, Pooja and Worship of deities within the area in question.

(2) Declare the entire Avimukteshwar area within the radius of “5 Kos” of principal seat, in name of plaintiff deity Asthan Lord Adi Visheshwar.

(3) Grant Perpetual injunction against the defendants prohibiting them from interfering with, or raising any objection in the construction of New Temple building consisting of Goddess Maa Shringar Gauri along with Lord Ganesh, Nandi Ji and other subsidiary deities at Principal seat of Asthan Adi Visheshwar after demolishing and removing the existing buildings and structures situated there at.

 (4) Grant Mandatory Injunction directing defendant No. 2 (Govt. of UP) and Defendant No. 7 (Board of Trustees of Kashi Vishwanath Temple) to restore pooja and worship of “Goddess Gauri Shringarji, Goddess Maa Ganga, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganeshji, Nandiji” alongwith “Lord Adi Visheshwar” and make appropriate arrangement for Darshan by worshippers, to maintain law and order situation.