Advocate approaches Supreme Court seeking inauguration of New Parliament Building by President of India

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Statement issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on May 18 and invites issued by Secretary General, Lok Sabha about inauguration of the new Parliament building is violative of the Indian Constitution, the plea states.

A PIL has been filed before the Supreme Court seeking a direction that the new Parliament building should be inaugurated by the President of India.

It is to be noted that the invites sent out for the ceremony state that the building shall be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday, May 28.

Filed by Advocate CR Jaya Sukin, the petition states that as the President of India Smt. Droupadi Murmu is not being invited to inaugurate the new Parliament Building, this action is not in accordance with the law.

Article 79 makes it amply clear that the President is an integral part of Parliament, but why the President was kept away from the foundation laying ceremony and now is not a part of the inauguration, shows the Respondents malpractice and deprive to the nation's  people, the plea adds.

"..statement issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on May 18 and invites issued by Secretary general, Lok Sabha about inaugurating the new Parliament building is without following the basic principles of Natural justice and violate of Article 21, 79, 87 of the Indian Constitution", Court has been told.

Such an action has also been termed to be illegal, arbitrary, high handed, whimsical and unfair, abuse of authority and against the principles of Natural Justice.

Case Title: CR Jaya Sukin vs. Lok Sabha Secretariat & Ors