[CoVID 19] Plea in Supreme Court seeks intervention into “awry”, “dilapidated” state of affairs in Maharashtra

  • Shruti Kakkar
  • 11:13 PM, 29 Apr 2021

A plea has been filed in Supreme Court seeking Top Court’s intervention into the awry & dilapidating state of affairs in the State of Maharashtra. 

It has been argued that the entire state of machinery of Maharashtra is on the verge of collapse due to onslaught of the ongoing CoVID 19 pandemic in as much as the State of Maharashtra is struggling to provide even basic health facilities to its citizens & large number of people in the state are dying because of lack of Liquid Medical Oxygen, Vaccination & Remdesivir Injection which is used for treating critically ill patients who are infected with CoronaVirus.

The plea has been preferred by Shivshanker Kisanrao Shetakar & has been filed through Advocate on Record Harisha SR. The same is listed to be heard before the Bench of Justice DY Chandrachud, Justice L Nageshwar Rao & Justice S Ravindra Bhatt on April 30, 2021. 

It has been averred that there has been a tremendous surge in the number of CoVID 19 patients in the state & despite utilizing all available resources & exploiting the health & medical infrastructure to its core, the State has been unable to meet the pressing demands on account of lack of doctors, Para Medics, Hospital Beds, ICU’s, Ventilators among other infrastructure facilities. 

To tackle the alarming situation, the state govt has been constantly approaching the central Govt seeking support in the form of allocation/supply of more CoronaVirus Vaccinations that are under the sole & exclusive control of the Central Govt, supply of LMO in the form of oxygen cylinders & also allocation of more doctors & Paramedics which is the worst affected State of the Country where daily count of CoVID 19 positive patients has been above 60,000”, the petitioners in this context aver.

The petitioners have also averred that the Central Govt has been acting in utter remiss & insensitivity in as much as the Central Govt is not taking any measures to safeguard the rights of the people of Maharashtra.

India is a federal structure where not only the State Govt but also the Central Govt is equally responsible for safeguarding the life of its citizens. The fundamental rights of the people of the State of Maharashtra who are citizens of India as enshrined under Art 21 of the Constitution i.e Right to Life, needs to be safeguarded by the Central & the State Govt”- excerpt from the plea.

Thereafter, the petitioners have approached this Court seeking relief by way of issuing a writ in the nature of mandamus directing the Central Govt & the State Govt to supply: 

  • Oxygen cylinders to all Hospitals of State of Maharashtra (Private or Govt)
  • Vaccines, Remdesivir & other essential drugs to all Hospitals of State of Maharashtra (Private or Govt)
  • Team of doctors & para medical emergency equipment from other States in the State of Maharashtra 

The plea also seeks for monitoring the steps taken by the Central & State Govt to handle the situation of CoVID 19 pandemic in the State of Maharashtra.