[Forceful religious conversion case] Top Court orders no coercive action against chairman of Broadwell Christian Hospital Society, Fatehpur

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According to hospital administration, the police conducted several raids on the hospital and staff members staying on the premises, forcing a shutdown. 

The Supreme Court today granted protection from coercive action to one Mathew Samuel, the chairman of Broadwell Christian Hospital Society, Fatehpur in a case of forceful religious conversion.

Notably, anticipatory bail pleas filed by the accused in the cases which have emanated from the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave, representing Samuel informed the court that the situation was getting out of control and said,

"There is a video where a gentleman is telling openly to kill Christians'. Magistrate has recorded it and yet remand given, only your lordships can save us... some word from you is needed", Dave stated.

Moreover, a bench also comprising Justices Pardiwala and Narasimha was told that the magistrate in the remand order recorded such statements, but still granted remand.

Dave further told court that the petitioner was not being protected by the police or subordinate judiciary. He further argued that there was an urgent need to decide the various pleas challenging the religious conversion laws of various states.

Thus, while issuing notice to the State of UP, CJI referred to Dave's statement on the Supreme Court being their last resort, and said, "That is what we are here for and are entertaining such petitions."

The FIR was allegedly registered against the accused petitioner based on the complaint of people associated with Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal.

Case Title: Mathew Samuel vs. State of UP