Positive News: Amid hearing in Delhi High Court, members from the bar contribute for funding law students education

Read Time: 03 minutes

In a positive turn of events, the Delhi High Court and members of the Bar today came together to facilitate arrangement of funds for the education of a girl pursuing her law degree.

During a hearing before Justice Najmi Waziri in a case pertaining to maintenance payable, the father of a girl stated that he had no funds to make the payment for her college fees. According to the facts of the case, the father had deserted the wife and two children and expressed his inability to pay any further maintenance dues. 

At this juncture, the girl appearing before Court via video-conferencing, burst into tears while informing him that if she does not pay the fee before January 10, 2022, the college will not permit her to sit for her 5th semester law examination.

Justice Waziri, while taking note of this said that if this were a physical court, he would have requested lawyers to come together and offer their support.

Immediately, several lawyers, including Advocate Prateek Som & Ashutosh Lohiya requested the Court to post the matter after a few minutes so the logistics of this may be looked into.

Within a few minutes, the bench was informed that lawyers will make sure that all dues are collected and deposited in the account of the mother of the girl so that she can go ahead and sit for her examination.

Justice Waziri appreciated this symbol of solidarity of the bar.

Advocate Prashant kumar represented the mother.