Supreme Court allows iron ore mining and export in Karnataka

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A Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice of India Justice NV Ramana today allowed mining and export of iron ore, subject to the terms and conditions laid down by the government. The bench has further permitted selling readily excavated iron ore stock at three districts in Karnataka. The court has also granted permission to allocate iron ore by entering into direct contracts without resorting to e-auction.

The court while noting that the e-auction has not elicited a good response, held that it is now time to relax its 2011 order imposing conditions on the sale of iron ore mined in the State. 

In its order, the bench has sought for the opinion from the oversight committee on lifting of ceiling limit for production, mining lease among other. The committee was directed to send its recommendation in four weeks.

The Supreme Court in April reserved its judgement on an application by iron ore manufacturers, seeking direction to lift the ban on export of iron ore in Karnataka. 

Ministry of Steel's affidavit supported the lifting of ban on iron ore export from Karnataka. The affidavit stated that there must be equality among Karnataka and other States, the policy allows export of Iron ore to all the States and it must be followed.

[To be updated when the order is released by the court]

Case Title: Samaj Parivartana Samudaya vs Karnat