Supreme Court Dismisses PIL Challenging 26 Verses of Quran with Costs; calls it an "absolutely frivolous petition"

  • Shruti Kakkar
  • 11:30 AM, 12 Apr 2021

Read Time: 07 minutes

The Supreme Court Bench comprising Justice RF Nariman, Justice BR Gavai & Justice Hrishikesh Roy have dismissed the petition challenging certain verses of holy Quran by imposing a cost of Rs 50,000 on the petitioner.

"We dismiss this petition with 50k cost. This is an absolutely frivolous petition", the Bench remarked.

Sr Adv RK Raizada appearing for the petitioner submitted that, "The children at tender age are in the captivity of school for few hours & these verses, these preaches are not protected under Art 25 & Art 26. I have written to the Central Govt to issue guidelines too."

In the present matter, the petitioner, Former Chairman of UP Shia Central Waqf Board, Lucknow & President of All India Shia Yateem Khana, Lucknow approached the Court under Art 32 of the Constitution of India by filing a PIL through Advocate A Laxminarayan praying to declare the verses/suras contained in Holy Quran violative of Law of the Land as they promote extremism, terrorism & pose serious threat to the soverignity, unity & integrity of the country.

Our country has been a victim of terrorism for the last over seven decades, specifically Islamic Terrorism which has become the most worrying feature of the contemporary life. Islamic Terrorism, Islamist Terrorism or Radical Terrorism are terrorist acts against civilians, committed by violent Islamists. Such attacks have targeted both, muslims & non muslims. At present, the basic edifices of modern Indian state like democracy, state security, rule of law, sovereignty & integrity, basic human rights etc are under attack of Islamist Terrorist. Groups for the attacks on non-believers/ civilians emanate from the 26 verses/ suras of the Islamic Holy Book Quran”, the plea states.  

The petitioner have also prayed for restraining the muslim minority instutions throughout the country from imparting religious teachings in the basis of 26 verses of holy Quran & to restrain the Imams of muslim community from delivering sermons in the mosques & other gatherings the 26 verses. 

Relief has also been sought to direct through a blanket order the printers & publishers & booksellers of the country to print, publish & sell “holy Quran” by excluding the 26 verses & issue appropriate directions for Constitution of a committee of experts of Islamic Law in order to get their opinion on the subject matter of the petition in larger public interest & further direct the Union of India to declare its policy on the subject/issue white paper or pass appropriate legislation to this effect.

The plea highlights that the matter involved in the petition does not aim to malign the image of any religion or hurt religious sentiments of the people but to save the muslims of the country, particularly innocent madrasa students from radicalization & save the unity, integrity & sovereignty of the country from extremism, fundamentalism & terrorism. 

The matter involves the entire muslim community at large who are subject to ridicule worldwide on account of the interpretation of the said verse which have no basis or nexus with the objects, which the Holy Quran aimed to achieve.”, the plea also highlights. 

Reliance has been placed on People’s Union for Civil Liberties v. Union of India AIR 2004 SC 456 in which it was held that acts of terrorism, which are aimed at weakening the soverningty & integrity of India, cannot be equated with mere breaches of law & order or disturbances of public order & public safety & the concept f “soverignity & integrity in India” is distinct & separate from the concept of “public order” & “public safety”. 

Case Title: Syed Waseem Rizvi v. Union of India & Ors