Supreme Court's data now available on National Judicial Data Grid portal

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"We thought what we are doing for the high courts and district courts, should also be done for the Supreme Court", CJI said while showcasing the portal in court today

The Supreme Court has onboarded the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) portal, the flagship project of the e-Courts project.

As the Court assembled today, CJI DY Chandrachud announced the launch of the portal referring to it as an historic moment.

"Now on a click of a button, one may access case related information, statistics such as institution, pendency and disposal of cases, case-types, year-wise break-up of the Supreme Court of India", the CJI said.

The NJDG portal is a national repository of data relating to cases instituted, pending and disposed of by the courts across the length and breadth of the country.

There are three main webpages of the NJDG-SCI portal are -

  1. At a glance 
  2. Pending dashboard 
  3. Disposed dashboard

For the year 2023, total pendency of registered cases is 64,854 and whereas the total pendency of unregistered cases is 15,490.

Just last month, 5,412 were instituted and 5,033 cases were disposed of.

As per the NJDG Portal, 62,859 civil cases are pending before the Supreme Court, whereas 17,485 criminal cases are pending.

Also, a total of 135 cases are pending before a 9-judge bench, 21 cases before a 7-judges bench and 288 cases before a 5-judge bench.