Vaccination mandates illegal & against Right to self determination: Affidavit in Supreme Court in plea through Prashant Bhushan seeking disclosure of data on Covid Vaccines

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An affidavit filed in a Public Interest Litigation pending before the Supreme Court states that there is “Coercion to take the Covid vaccine” by various Public & Private Authorities and that it is “illegal”, meddles with a persons right to choose & self determination. 

The affidavit filed by Dr. Jacob Puliyel has alleged that the mandates being issued by various authorities across the country, both public and private institutions, making vaccination compulsory by way of the alleged coercion, are unconstitutional and repugnant to an individual's right to self-determination.

The affidavit has been filed in a PIL seeking segregated data on clinical trials part of the government's COVID19 vaccination drive on the basis of several scientific researches and surveys stating, “It has been shown scientifically that the immunity that results from, natural infection is enduring and possibly lasts a lifetime,” the affidavit reads.

"A large volume of studies have now demonstrated that an unvaccinated individual with prior infection is exponentially safer to be around than someone who had the vaccine but not prior infection," the plea added.

It further submitted that the efficacy of the vaccines has not been established yet and the same is not being told to the public.

On the last date of hearing, the Top Court had said that this petition could promote vaccine hesitancy.

Case Title: Dr. Jacob Puliyel Vs. Union of India & Ors.

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