Night Life not good for students: Kerala University of Health and Science tells High Court

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The Kerala University of Health and Science recently during arguments before the high court stated that it is not appropriate to seek absolute freedom at the age of 18.

The argument was made in the submissions during the hearing of the plea filed by the female students of Kozhikode Medical College against movement restrictions on hostel inmates after 9:30 PM.

 The University has contended that sleepless nights and nightlife is not meant for students.

They also informed the court that as per the recent order, even though the hostel gates are closed for both boys and girls by 9:30 PM, it still gives sufficient leeway to students to enter the gates after that time, subject to some conditions, except for the first year students who are not used to the environment and locality.

During a previous hearing in the matter, the Kerala High Court had criticised the notification barring female students from going out of the hostel after 9:30 p. The Court had questioned why should there be a curfew for girls alone when there are no such restrictions for boys.

The present pleas have been filed by five female MBBS students of the Government Medical College in Kozhikode.

The university argued that the age of maturity doesn’t always bring the brain maturity and that there is scientific evidence to support the contention that teenagers are structurally and functionally vulnerable to environmental stresses, risky behaviour, drug addiction, impaired driving and unprotected sex." reported New Indian Express.

It was further argued that since these are medical students and their classes start at 8 AM, the discipline in a hostel is of utmost importance and it was also stated that it is important to ensure the safety and well-being of the students living there and for that, there are regulations in place.

The university also said in its affidavit that the age of adolescence is "too risky to be handled" and seeking absolute freedom, which the petitioners may not even get at their homes, was not justifiable.

It was told to the court that there needs to be a balance between the "necessity to ensure discipline in the hostel and the needs of the students".

Another important argument made by the university was that the medical college campus is much different from the engineering campuses or management campuses, which can be secured easily as Medical campus is always open to public and thousands of persons visit it each day.