FMGE 2021: Delhi High Court to hear plea for postponement on June 11

  • Shaheen Parween
  • 03:33 PM, 09 Jun 2021

The Delhi High Court today adjourned till June 11, a plea seeking postponement of Foreign Medical Graduate examination (FMGE) which is scheduled in mid-June.

The matter was being heard by the vacation bench led by Justice Amit Bansal.

The plea, filed by the Association of MD Physicians through its President Dr. Rajesh Rajan, has submitted that most of the students have not been vaccinated and many have elderly and covid patients at home.

Hence the petitioner Association has suggested that the said exam be conducted in August, 2021 when there will be a drop in Covid cases and most people will get their first dose of Covid vaccine.

Adv Adit S pujari appearing for the petitioner Association submitted “There are 46 centres in India. When people move from one place to another they have to come with a negative RT PCR report and they have to lodge themselves in the city….I have to come one day prior to the exam... I also have to come early and not be allowed to carry mobile phones and other valuables inside... so I have to bring somebody along with me to take care of my  valuables…”

Pujari further submitted that all they were seeking is a 4 weeks postponement and in the meanwhile the respondents may facilitate on allotting more centres and provide facilities to place their belongings in the exam centre.

“The respondents are saying I can take it in December but I have prepared for it. There are 16 examinations which stand postponed or cancelled on the basis of covid”, argued Pujari.

Adv Kirtiman Singh appearing for the Centre submitted that the petition was flawed since the president of the Association was not authorised to file a petition on behalf of the students.

He further submitted that around 18600 students have registered to take the exams in June and there are 98 centres in 52 cities as opposed to pre covid era when the number of centres were only half of the present number.

Moreover this is a qualifying examination unlike otherr examinations which are  entrance examinations. If you don’t want to take it right now you can take it in December”, submitted Singh.

After hearing the parties the Court asked Adv Kirtiman Singh to place on record a document where some covid consideration has been taken for conducting the exams in mid June.

The Court also directed the petitioner to place on record the resolution authorising the petitioner association to file a petition on behalf of the 40 doctors.

The petitioner Association in its plea has argued that “Most of our states are going through a lockdown phase. So, it is difficult to travel to reach exam centres. 99% of the students are not vaccinated and many have elderly and COVID patients at home. Majority of the students were in metro cities for coaching but due to lockdown most of them left the metros and returned to their hometown but FMGE exam centre was booked before the surge in cases which is metro-based centers. Third wave of COVID 19 delta variant has already been reported in many cities, even vaccinated young citizens are equally vulnerable to it and hence it will be a wise decision to postpone the exam. It will be safe to conduct exam during August 2021 like last year and by then the number of COVID19 cases will drop and majority will get vaccinated atleast first dose.” 

The matter will be heard on June 11th, 2021.