Kerala High Court moots CBI investigation in RSS worker’s murder

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Justice K. Haripal of Kerala High Court today opined that certain aspects of the murder of RSS worker Sanjith who was brutally murdered, allegedly at behest of Popular Front of India worker, need to be investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

The judge remarked that the accused had hideouts within the State and hence CBI interference would enhance the investigation. The above transpired in the writ petition filed by, Arishka, the wife of slain RSS worker. The State however contended that the final report in the case is ready and will likely be filed by February 10th.

The State further submitted that 17 of the 18 accused have been arrested as of date and the remaining one accused will be arrested at the earliest.  The Court however opined that since the State police chief has himself raised concerns about the case, it is contemplating referring the investigation to CBI.

The matter will next be heard on Wednesday.

Case title: Arishka Vs State of Kerala

To be updated when the order is uploaded.