Another PIL in Supreme Court challenges Agnipath Recruitment scheme

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Another Public Interest Litigation has been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the Agnipath Scheme introduced by the Central Government for recruitment in all three divisions of defense.

The plea filed by Advocate ML Sharma challenges the 2022 Agnipath Scheme stating that the notification contrary to the constitution is a serious injury to the citizen of India including to the Indian army which cannot be repaired if not quashed.

It submits that the Government without having approval in the parliament and without any gazette notification quashed the century-old army selection process and imposed the “Agnipath Scheme” for the recruitment in all three armed forces divisions.

The PIL has sought quashing of the notification alleging it to be illegal, unconstitutional, and void ab-initio & ultra vires to the constitution of India in the interest of justice.

Further, informing about the plight of the protestors, the plea states that one of the protesters said they did not want a contract job and questioned as to "where will they go after years? Our life and career is at stake. The government needs to take it back."

It may also be noted that another PIL filed by Advocate Vishal Tiwari before the Apex Court submits that the consequence of the recently launched Agnipath Scheme by the Central Government has been far-reaching for the citizens of this country resulting in intensified vandalism and protest leading to severe destruction of public property and goods.

That PIL plea states, "A few days ago in Uttar Pradesh the houses of some Muslims were demolished by the government alleging their participation in riots. This conduct of the Uttar Pradesh Government was condemned by many retired Supreme Court judges, High Court Judges, lawyers, and law abiding citizens."

Case Title: ML Sharma Vs. Union of India & Ors.