Bollywood Actor Nawazuddin Siddique Files 100 Crore Defamation Suit Against Wife and Brother

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In his suit, the actor sought 100 crores from his wife and brother. The plea also sought an apology from both of them

Bollywood Actor Nawazuddin Siddique has filed a defamation suit in the Bombay High Court against his brother Shamasuddin Siddique and his wife Anjana Kishore Pandey aka Zainab and Alliya Siddiue and sought Rs. 100 crores from both of them for defaming him.

In his plea filed through Advocate Sunil Kumar stated that in 2008, Siddique’s brother approached Siddique for work and thereafter was appointed as a manager. Siddique’s brother took care of and handled the entire accounts department which included the auditing filing of I.T.R payment of GSTs, payment of duties, etc.

However, the brother misappropriated the funds while informing Siddique the properties were being purchased in his name but actually was being purchased in the joint name of Siddique and his brother.

The plea further states, the wife of Siddique manipulated making him to think that she was Muslim but was already married once through Hindu rituals and her husband was a ticker collector in Jabalpur.

Further, Siddique claimed that he discontinued the business with his brother and her wife in 2020, and appointed a Chartered Accountant after which he found out a sum of Rs. 37 crore was due to the government in different forms of tax which his brother had failed to pay.

When the actor demanded money from his brother and wife both of them colluded and blackmailed the actor by sending him cheap videos and comments on social media.

The plea states that both the defendants tried to defame the actor,

“The Plaintiff further states that then Defendant No.1 & 2 also instigated the other members of the family to dispute and to give public bites to local newspaper with a sole intention to defame and to lower down the social status of the Plaintiff The Plaintiff further states that the Defendant No.1 and 2 also conspired with other brothers of the Plaintiff and started training them that if they will support in making defamatory and false statement before media and before authorities then they will be given monthly compensation by the Plaintiff under the pressure of getting defamed in the society” the plea reads

The plea also states that both defendants hired paid media to make false, defamatory, and baseless allegations against the actor.

The plea stated that the actor’s brother made comments on social media that he was going to disclose confidential information about the plaintiff

“The Plaintiff states that the Defendant No.1 posted several defamatory and derogatory statements and posts on Instagram, Face Book and other social media platforms whereby he calls the Plaintiff as a greedy irresponsible and weak person having no regards to his family members-and towards him. He has also threatened on various posts by saying that very soon he is going to disclose and publish confidential information about the Plaintiff which will defame him and which will lead to the judicial and police custody” the plea states

Case Title: Nawazuddin Nawabuddin Siddique vs Shamasuddin Siddique & Anr.